Life manifestation : Is Just Physical or Something Out Of Our Realm
Being raised in a mind oriented society , Our realities has been conditioned from our childbirth to think of like Brain dominated personality. I remember , I saw many got punished in schools for scoring low scores or failure to remember some oral lessons.
                                                            Our human cells are consist of 99% of vacant space , so by this definition our bodies are empty spaces (yet they look so solid). If you include Electrons, Protons, Neutrons and everything still our all physics , science is only taking care of 1% of our finite existence neglecting 99% of infinite that they can not measure.

Now, After so many years of conditioning from our childhood, we want evidences, proofs justifying the principals of our own created science and maths(I was 🙂 specifically wanted to write physics). Now referring new age theories like Unified field theory, Ley Lines, Sacred geometry, Vortex nature of electro-magnetic field around all Humans, Animals, & Plants.

To me, Its clear that our human body are so precisely created from structure of our Bones, Tendons, Neurons, Muscles to perform one specific function. Any problem we face on our earthic body level cant not be resolved by any treatment or science that's just based on our human bodily  existence.

With reference to my understanding towards Qi-Gong, Shamanism: I strongly believe Diseases, Pains or Trauma manifest in life, when there is an obstruction towards flow of energy between Earth and Heaven through our energetic bodies.

Human Body can either Grow/Expand or Contract with Fear. Our new age sophisticated lifestyle is pushing us all day  long in a state of fear from the day begins in the morning till the night you sleep. Just think- Waking up sharp at 7am, getting ready in stipulated time, catching us, train or driving in Traffic, office Workload , Politics, pressure to perform, Kids, House Rent/ EMI, Holiday trip, any accidents , Traumas in family, Relationships. I can only derive the essence out of  these conditions, Always there is a sense of fear, pressure deep inside of you. You are always chatting inside your mind, planning, thinking, worrying, its like you are so much inside your mind, you can not even enjoy your life without mindless thinking. As Eckhart Tolle says, "As I think , So I am"

Even, The teaching of Tao says, any creation or manifestation of life is at balance between two energies of Earth and Heaven. If, you think of like that, all trees, plants, animals are manifestation of intelligence that is expressing life by means of an Ant and even at the size of an elephant. If there is such existence of Universal Intelligence, does not it makes you feel like,all scientific expeditions to find Aliens or UFO is just a joke.

The Universal Intelligence can manifest in any situation and conditions  even in deadly stars or Galaxies , by finding an equilibrium between there two energies (Earth and Heaven- Sun, Sky , Planets and Stars in case of Earth) and can manifest anywhere.

I feel , Massage that can have an impact on your energy flow across energy lines, Conception and Governing Vessels, five key organs like Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys and Spleen, Eight extraordinary meridians across the body can definitely help to get the Qi/Chi/ Prana flow across essential channels again. Along with these inner alchemy changes are essential with releasing the toxins or accumulated energy from your body. I strongly recommend Qi-Gong practices along with our massage sessions to have long term results. That's it for the day. . . . .
Eat Healthy and Sleep tight!!! 🙂

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