Mindfulnes, Equanimity with Grounding- Finding the stillness of total awareness

 Grounding before Mindfulness

In the hours of meditation how many have you found it difficult to concentrate! You wanted to feel the breadth , but your monkey mind is busy in hopping from one thought to another. Every time you take it back to your breadth, but you find it difficult to be aware about ins's & out. You have been taught to befriend your mind rather than dragging to the awareness, but this just doesn’t seems working anymore. In these difficult time you need to focus on the must have’s for building complete awareness in the hours of mindfulness

Sit in a comfortable posture , ideally in sukhasana or padmasana. if you have problem flexing your knees, you can sit on the edge of chair with upright spine, legs should be perpendicular to the ground.

The Basics
Revisit & journey your body parts and let goo any tensions that still there. Sometimes the tension just doesn’t want to go away and find it difficult to leave. To make it easier we have a small step that insures a proper grounding of such emotions.
Just visit the other part with awareness of previous body part where you are still feeling the tension, one after another from head to toe. Keep the journey as detailed as possible.
"Like when people can only focus on their feet to relax and let go, i like to focus on upper skin of my feet, the carpals connecting to the five fingers, from big toe till the little finger, individual attention ensures a super tight ground work for coming hours of meditation. From fingers to the lower parts of feel , the sole and then the whole feet as one unit."
Its my observation, if you spent 5 minutes more on proper relaxation & grounding, you have complete awareness of breadth from the first couple of minutes of your mindful meditation practice.
Grounding before meditation- NirvanaSOTYM

Its important for someone sitting in the hours of meditation after a long time, or during your first time. It ensures to removes the leftover stress from highly stressed and contracted muscles. Otherwise it usually takes  least 20-30 hours of meditative practice .
"I call it as forgive & forget.... Right!  that’s it. We hold stress by creating excess attachment or detachment to unfavorable emotions. After progressive round of relaxation, turn your attention ideally in your chest or heart chakra area. You first ask for forgiveness from people that you have hurt before.... by your small or big actions...deeper or minor wounds ...internal or external....whatever it is . You ask for forgiveness starting from your family members , your relatives, your social circle, old friend or long-term relationship , your parents , colleagues, friends, someone for whom you have been carrying a burden. Whatever the situation had been, you just forgive them unconditionally...from your heart...your mind.... from every muscles fiber ....every cell"

Once you have forgiven, here comes the next part of grounding

"Asking Forgive from everyone. After you have forgiven everyone, still there might be people who might be carrying love, hatred or excess attachment in any form or another to you, where you have no control. this part ensures , you recollect everyone in your mind .... to whomsoever in last week,...month....or years or so. You might have hurt anyhow & you ask for their unconscious forgiveness. You feel your thought for seeking forgiveness emancipated from your chest or heart chakra"
This "grounding- by forgive & forget" ensures letting go of everything you might have been holding it back to yourselves.

follow us on the next article on , how you could find that moment of "Total awareness & Stillness" ,
Once you have mastered the awareness to incoming & outgoing breadth, the moment of "total awareness" is the moment where you become an observer to your mind, with rise & fall of emotions can be felt as creating ripples of pain & pleasure sensations. 

A deeper level of awareness need to be built with stillness & observation against thoughts & body sensations (either good or bad).