Mindfulness – Finding the stillness of total awareness

 Finding stillness with mindfulness

 How often have we realized that after hours and hours of building awareness, we had not been able to build awareness strong enough.
I remember a person name Alok came to me last month for our awareness building program. If you ask a term or concept on meditation, he can go on and on  explaining theoretical aspects of meditation, different views of masters. Definitely, he had read many books on meditation, listen to many audios & podcasts , watched variety of videos. Even after gathering so much knowledge,
when I asked him, “Have you experience the pure love & its feeling? Have you known, how monkey mind behaves? Have you experienced , How one thought triggers another thoughts & body sensations associated with these memories? Have you observed by yourself, How one thought triggers another and another and make you caged in your feelings? And the most important , have you felt the inner silence? The void? State of no-mind ? just pure observer with equanimity ” He said ‘No’.
Mindfulness Stillness- Total awareness

Masters says “You need enough knowledge that you can try practically and later build your skills by learning in real life situations” In real life learning we need 10% of theory to learn and grasp other 90%, that’s. In case of our MIND OR INNER ENGINEERING we have to be very practical and learn with our first hand experiences only.

For reaching the state of ‘Stillness & Total Awareness’ we need to calm down the ripples arising out of our ocean mind. Exercise of Grounding helps to subsidies any previous thought fueling our monkey mind. As we keep focus on breath feeling the energy of breadth, with the ins-out of breath, focusing on the left or right nostrils, the length and tempo of ingoing and outgoing breath, there comes a time when you have built the awareness towards the sensation of hot-cold breath. But still you keep losing the focus from breadth and keep drifting by your thoughts. “Now, you just need to, Hold your breath for small time,.. ‘Totally’….” . Wait , then release and focus again. You will find you will have a deeper awareness of every breadth, with enhanced intensity. You can relate from one breath to another, more easily keeping your mind focused on the moving breath with deeper awareness. For experienced mediators, the moment when you hold breath , it’s a moment of no-breath. If you could focus your awareness during this time, you will find this as moment of the “Stillness, The void , Total awareness”

Just let me know about yours realization, after practicing this, during the hours of meditation. Just remember, meditation is all about your own personal experience, those helps to still your mind , building observable and equanimous mind. The more you practice, stronger and firmer your awareness will be in the moment of NOW. With time comes a moment when the five senses cant take you over any further & you feel your own experience of out of these five sense.
People always says you need to be in love & kindness for living a mindful life. I say pure love, agape or pure bliss is a state that you automatically attain (In matter of few days) by just building mindfulness during hours of your meditation.

Your views and comments are welcome.