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Mindfulness Sleep Management

deep sleep - rapid eye movements on mindful meditation seekers

An experimental research on overnight sleep was conducted on Mindful Meditation practitioners, during this time they slept in a state-of-the-art laboratory and their brain functions were recorded throughout the night.
Sleep is essential to lead a healthy and happy life. It is also necessary to maintain perfect balance of mind and body. A good night's sleep enables you to be fit for the day and to carry out every task smoothly. It gives us inspiration, love, happiness & attentiveness during day to day actions.
Sleep affects almost all types of physical and mental functioning systems such as brain, heart, respiratory system, immunity, protein synthesis and other functional systems. It plays an important role in physical development (bodybuilding), sugar balance etc.

Due to the hectic lifestyle the quality & quantity of sleep has decreased which has a bad effect on the society. Slowly we have come to accept the diseases and their far-reaching effects as a result of not getting enough sleep. Due to lack of sleep, many important functions are working improperly. This has lead to rise in many diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart attack, metabolic diseases increase.

Mindfulness Meditation helps in improving the quality of sleep. The practice of mindfulness helps in cultivation of good state of sleep. Slow-wave sleep & REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep of the meditators increases and interruption between the sleep decreases, i.e., sleep is deepened by Mindfulness Meditation.
This slow-wave sleep state is called deep sleep state which relieves our fatigue, rejuvenates us and mediates important activities.
Deep sleep increases growth hormone secretion and decreases cortisol secretion. As a result, there is a decrease in stress, anxiety, metabolic activity. repairs the muscles and tissues of the body. All these restorative functions happens only in deep sleep.

We also found that the practice of Mindful Meditation helps prevent age-related changes in sleep. In addition, hormones such as melatonin were found to be three times higher in the meditators than in others. We also studied the importance of increased REM sleep , it is important for regulating emotions and cognitive functions.

In short, Mindful Meditation practitioners see an improvement in increased hormone function, slow-wave or deep sleep and REM sleep states with proper sleep-regulation.

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