Intermediate Course in Thaiyoga Massage
Intermediate Course in ThaiYoga Massage- Level 2
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  • Intermediate level program spans for 36 hours of formal training.
  • ┬áLevel 2 program in Thaiyoga Massage , enables you to deliver 60-90min session
  • Helps you develop skills to massage in supine, prone and other seated positions using thaiyoga massage
  • Course gives a deep understanding of physiotherapy , occupational therapy , clinical massage , sports medicine
  • No previous knowledge needed for Anatomy, Reflexology , Bodywork
  • Focuses primarily on illness due to body misalignment, long term affects, trigger points theory for pain alleviation.
  • Ideal for fitness professional, yoga teachers , holistic healthcare professionals looking for making career in traditional clinical massage or sports medicine.
  • Makes you competitive enough to understand the essence of different styles of massage like clinical massage, deep-tissue, sports medicine
  • The program spans for 5 - 7 days