• Zero effort massage is a propitiatory tool  developed by Nirvana school to use our body intelligently for getting desired outcomes by means of thaiyoga massage.
    • Advanced level program helps to save the average career life span of Thai Massage therapists. These strategies helps to increase Quality Of Life (QOL) . As per observation within massage fraternity average life of therapists spans for 10-15 years , post this period professionals develop symptoms of  fatigue & lethargy with their growing age. Below mentioned tools helps to increase your massaging career as well deliver more and more sessions on per day basis with less toll on your physical strength.
    • Level 3 program in Thaiyoga Massage , enables you to deliver 120min session with less fatigue and toll on your body
    • Therapists can deliver sessions to Sprinter, Kick boxer , Body Builder , Army men or any other heavily  built people ,using their weight & body posture intelligently for creating symmetry & body balance
    • Advanced techniques like TokSen & Guasha are used for less sprain on your thumbs
    • Using body postures and bodily movements for creating deeper impact with minimum external force
    • The program spans for 5 - 7 days
Zero Effort '0' massage is an advanced level course with combination of tools to deliver intensive massage sessions with minimum effort & maximum impact. Enables to deliver sessions with less fatigue for therapists.


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