Mindfulness – Finding the stillness of total awareness
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 Finding stillness with mindfulness How often have we realized that after
Mindfulnes, Equanimity- Finding the stillness of total awareness
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 Grounding before MindfulnessIn the hours of meditation how many have
Inner engineering- stress-reactive mind -dukkha
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Understanding Subconscious & Negative Emotions Everyone seeks peace and harmony,
FAQ About Thai Massage & Schools offering Thaiyoga Massage courses
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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about ThaiYoga
Experience ThaiYoga Massage By Internationally Trained Professionals
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Nirvana- School Of ThaiYoga & Clinical Massage , BodhgayaNirvana- ThaiMassage
Sun Gazing- Surya Tratak and its positive effects
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Its believed that our body is accompanied by aura. Aura
Progressive Relaxation:First stepping stone for a relaxing massage session
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Relaxation & Mindful MeditationMindfulness RelaxationRelaxation is the outcome we strive
CHHATH : Connecting to unity conciousnes
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After many years of staying out of Bihar, I had
Using BMAM- Body Muscular Assessment Matrix for clients evaluation
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Nirvana has come up with Body Muscular Assessment Matrix- #BMAM.
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