Kundalini Baddha Yoga


  • Baddha Yoga helps to follow Celibacy or Brahmacharya
  • Ancient spiritual practice based on principals of energy lines from ThaiMassage & Yoga. Helps to save body essence from draining
  • 100perc effective manual technique with complete anatomy of lower organs
  • 2 Days course
  • Course Certification by Nirvana
  • Interactive Online classes
  • Understanding effectiveness of Meditation , Yoga Mudras , Kriyas along with Baddha Yoga for spiritual growth
  • Ideal for teenagers , people seeking spiritual aspirations , helps to recover Erectile dysfunction , Spermatorrhoe or night fall

This short course helps to strengthen your bodily fluids , to retain & make it Urdhvagami to nourish Ida , Pingla & Shusumna . Manual technique with 100% success rate

Fee  :    Indian Citizens Rs 6,990/-                                                            Foreign Citizens : 149$


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