Sun Gazing Surya Tratak


  • Sungazing for cultivation of prana or healing energy from the rising or waning sun
  • Progressive gazing practice using the right protocol for activating Third-Eye , Aagya chakra
  • Required qualification 10+  Equivalent or above
  • Duration 5 - 7 Days
  • Course Certification by Nirvana
  • Interactive Online classes with guided tour for safe practice
  • Understanding do's & dont's for safer cultivation of prana life force for stimulating pineal, pituitary glands
  • Protocol for safer decalcification of pineal glands , developing 3rd eye capabilities with emotional stability 
5 to 7 days intensive sungazing program to develop extra sensory perception , 3rd Eye or Agnya Chakra . Handheld gradual process with do's & dont's of secret mudras.  Understanding its profound impact on emotional issues associated with depression.

Fee  :    Indian Citizens  Rs 5,490/-                                                                         Foreign Citizens :  129$  


international payments by paypal