Samatha in The Practice of Mindfulness

 ' Mindfulness  &  Samatha '

Mindfulness & Samatha

🧘The monk rides the elephant along the rainbow path into the perfection of the transcendent realm and returns bearing the sword of Wisdom.🧘

Samatha or “Shamatha”
means calm and with Vipassana is one of the fundamental meditation practices of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

This Thangka painting illustrates the different stages of the Samatha meditation showing a monk chasing and finally capturing an elephant.

The elephant, representing the mind, is led by a monkey representing the distractions.
Gradually both the monkey and the elephant change color, metaphor of the ability of the practitioner through his effort (the fire of knowledge) to purify the lethargic tendencies of the mind. Even a rabbit turn and look at the monk to indicate that distractions acknowledge who is in charge.
In the following stages the monk starts leading the elephant. The monkey now follows the elephant rather than leading it and the rabbit disappears. Finally the mind is under control and pacified.
After also the monkey leaves the elephant and stands behind the monk saluting him with reverence.

The last stages shows the elephant resting aside the monk who sits at ease. Now the path has ended and a rainbow streams out of the monk’s heart. Perfect equanimity is found and the the practitioner is ready to cross over into mental bliss.

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