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Thai Yoga Massage- Energy Lines
Learning Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga massage is based on Energy Lines following from your toes till yours head. Yoga Traditions had been always emphasizing on Chakras and Aura, and major work has been concerned to get these chakras, cleaning and healing them by letting Energy to Flow Towards chakras.

My Quest for Deep Knowledge ended When I found about Thai Yoga, that tells you about , there are paths / channels / doorways energy follows within human bodyto reach designated chakras and balancing them.

In Indic yogic system also speaks about nadis .  Guru Gorakhnath spoke about almost 72,000 Nadi in our body . Somehow the understanding of thaiyoga massage took the principals of these nadis and tried to use the same understanding on a much smaller scale like 12 or 16 channels . Don't be surprised , these are energy pathways for different body organs or glands like Spleen, Pancreas, Bladder, Heart, Liver, Pericardium , Lungs are to name a few of them.
Even practices like Guasha, Tok-Sen somehow use the same principal to release stagnation of unwanted matter like salts, liquids. That's why it's even referred as lymphatic drainage in clinical terms.

The whole existence of human being is the result of mutual interaction between matter & energy. Manipulating the matter or our body can impact the energy flow and removing the energy blockages and facilitating the flow of prana can reverse deep seated illness on physical level like migraine , anxiety are too name a few.

Refer to the newly evolved system of relaxation based on Mind-Body-Matter using Mindfulness , Massage & Energy Balance .

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