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Sun Gazing- Surya Tratak and its positive effects

Its believed that our body is accompanied by aura. Aura is nothing but a band of color energy across everything in this universe. It’s the color energy emanated by the even the smallest creature , and even immobile looking trees or any structure. The whole universe breathes with colors. Our mode and emotions has direct impact with changes in aura.

In our solar system, Sun is the source of all the energy. So by getting using Sun , we could absorb more color energy in our aura , it could easily affect our human body too.
Sun Gazing

People with emotional issues has profound effect by sungazing. It’s a simple and the most effective way for people  going through depression.

After reading HRM (Hira Ratan Manek)posts on sun gazing , I did started sun gazing in progressive manner from Oct 2013. Its been really a hard work to get up every morning , with alarm on my mobile for sunrise every morning. But, its worthwhile to bath every morning in red  shining sun and feeling that warmth growing all across your body. On emotional level, I felt more centered and detached

Now , referring to the present moment , I can remember every single bit that contributed towards the sweet feeling I feel these days between my eye brows. From last few months I felt too much tension and vibrations in my head. While researching in this topic I decided to use Jal-Neti every other day. Its been used as ancient practice in yoga for cleansing sinus cavity. I realized after doing it you feel more oxygen gushing to your lungs with less frequent attacks of Cough and Cold. But remember to use lukewarm water for doing Jal-Neti. I tried to do it from last 12-15 years but everytime I did it, I used cold water and get caught with cold and fever. But after guidance from one of my associate I used hot water this time and woooohhhhh. I felt normal . So as per my experience only hot lukewarm water with salt .
 From last 2 months I feel a slight pressure between my eye brows. I had never been regular with my Yoga or Pranayam , but yes I had been on and off doing sun gazing. I felt  about this feeling as headache and realized later its something else. After reading many articles , I came to know this feeling is due to growth in size of pineal gland, that is even associated activation of agya chakra.