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Progressive Relaxation:First stepping stone for a relaxing massage session

Relaxation & Mindful Meditation
Mindfulness Relaxation

Relaxation is the outcome we strive to achieve by means of massage. We have Myofacial or Deep Tissue massage in our toolkit to work on surface level or deeper level. In either of these conditions , one important technique that is used by Nirvana-School of ThaiYoga & Massage ( SOTYM) is Progressive Relaxation. Its the first step of our sessions. It helps to let the body muscles loosen up and release stress and tension, usually people keep carrying it all the time. It helps to induce state of somnambulism that is associated with deep state of relaxation.

So here is the free mp3 file we are posting for our visitors to use it in their day to day life and get all the tension go away.

Usually people looking for a way of relaxation end up searching for a quick fix. I would rather recommend a specific type of Meditation practice like Mindful Meditation practices like Vipassana as a way to achieve long -term behavioral changes.

Taming the Mind is not so difficult. With persistent practice and patience, Equanimity  can be developed  a period of time. All religious have been telling about to achieve a state of infinite love and non-dualistic love , immersible state of compassion; radiating from the heart. Everyone can be achieved with willful choices and practices.

                                                 " Anica- Dukkha- Bhanga" 

You can read my experience with Vipassana from the link

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