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Using BMAM- Body Muscular Assessment Matrix for clients evaluation
Nirvana has come up with Body Muscular Assessment Matrix- #BMAM. Its our new matrix specially created for #Bodywork #massage industry.
We would be often using it going further for assessment of our clients interested for #Clinical_massage #Sports_massage

From next week , we are starting remote assistance for our users. Users will be getting  #BMAM matrix with individual muscles , those require attention to work on.

I would appreciate people from out of city can first get their assessment done so that we can use the same for customizing sessions as per every individual needs.

People suffering with Lumbar misalignment, Feet rotation, Knee pain, Shoulder cramps or pain, Neck pain ,Pelvis tilt forward, torsion of Knee or any suffering from any other Limited Range Of Motion results from contraction in specific set of muscles. We have specialization and expertise in Sports massage to realign Lumbar and eradicate hardening of muscles (those are based on Clinical aspects).
As per our understanding , here is list of muscles acting as trigger point for major problem associated with Back pain, Twisted feet and Hip joint / Hamstring pain, Shoulder misalignment or any asymmetry in our body.

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