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CHHATH : Connecting to unity consciousness

After many years of staying out of Bihar, I had an amazing day today. I had the chance to view the real beauty of this festive day called CHHATH.

In many religions views like Inka Shamanism or Chinese Tao or Egyptian Civilization , always they have referred to connecting to the two life forces called father Heaven and mother Earth. This world had been believed to be part of duality consciousness between Heaven and Earth.

In India, most celebrated festivals are associated with some God. Specially in Bihar, weather its Navratra , Dipawali, Teej, Jutiyaa, this list just goes endless.

To my surprise, CHHATH is one festival , where devotee put all new season fruits, vegetables and offers to sun ( worship nature).

In all civilization the air we breath, everything we eat or any kind of wealth you carry, all are representation of mother Earth. The stronger bond you have with mother earth more wealth can manifest on this earthic level for your existence. And Sun  is your father who gives you energy and wisdom.

As per my understanding , CHHAT is about moving from duality towards unity where you connect with your mother Earth and father Sun. It’s the raw form of devotee worshiping nature.

The Earth , that’s considered Lucifer’s experiment with duality consciousness with Good & Bad at its core, CHHATH reminds us to move towards unity consciousness of Love.

Unconditional love is the essence of unity consciousness. Every saint like Paramhansa, Vivekananda , Mother Teresa everyone told humans to Love others without expectations. This is what people felt , who encountered NDE ( Near Death Experiences), state of unconditional love.

I had always enveyed my mom on being too religious and being all engross into rituals. I always got mad on how could someone be happy on starving herself and feel so happy for worshiping God. Now, it all make sense, I almost feel that unconditional love she has for nothing in return. She happiness just shines on her face everyday.

I wish, this CHHATH should guide all of you towards unity of unconditional love. All of you should be blessed with Love and Wisdom to identity your true essence.

I have few pics to share with you. Let me know , how all of you feel ….

* All views shared here are just personal views of the writer.

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